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In an exclusive feature by TopSpeed, Tactical Fleet, a supercar dealership based in Dallas, Texas, is highlighted for its impressive scale and variety of luxury and exotic cars. Established in 2018 by founders Jason Putnam and Christopher Barta, Tactical Fleet has quickly become one of the fastest-growing multi-brand pre-owned luxury and exotic car dealerships in the U.S. The dealership’s rapid success is attributed to its commitment to transparency, customer-centric focus, and the quality of cars on offer.

Jason Putnam and Christopher Barta, with their extensive experience in the luxury car industry, envisioned Tactical Fleet as a one-stop shop for luxury and supercars. Their journey began in a warehouse in Dallas, and by October 2020, they had amassed an inventory of 100 cars. The brand’s expansion continued with the opening of locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Beverly Hills, California. Tactical Fleet’s unique selling proposition lies in its vast inventory, which often surpasses its competitors, and its ability to provide effortless finance and leasing options.

Beyond just selling cars, Tactical Fleet offers customization services, from custom wraps and paint protection films to performance tuning. When asked about the key to their success, Jason emphasized the importance of transparency and building long-term relationships with clients. The dealership’s process involves hand-picking each car based on its specifications and mileage, ensuring that they offer unique, limited edition, or low-volume models.

Looking ahead, while Tactical Fleet is focused on refining the experience at its current locations, there are discussions about potential overseas expansion. Additionally, while their inventory primarily consists of modern luxury cars, they are open to exploring the vintage or classic car market, particularly vintage Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Porsches.

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