MotorTrend’s Head2Head Series features a Ferrari SF90 Spider from Tactical Fleet

MotorTrend’s Head2Head series is renowned for pitting some of the world’s most prestigious and high-performance vehicles against each other in a thrilling comparison of speed, design, and engineering. In one of its most anticipated episodes, the series showcased the Ferrari SF90 Spider, a hybrid supercar that epitomizes the pinnacle of automotive innovation. What made this episode particularly special was the inclusion of a Ferrari SF90 sourced from our fleet. By collaborating with Tactical Fleet, Moto Trend was able to delve deep into the nuances of this magnificent machine, highlighting its unparalleled performance capabilities, cutting-edge technology, and exquisite design elements. The episode served as a testament to the SF90’s supremacy in the supercar realm and Tactical Fleet’s commitment to delivering only the best to its clientele.

You can watch the full episode here on MotorTrend+.

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