Tactical Fleet Sponsors Daniel Mac’s Legends Rally

Premier exotic car dealership Tactical Fleet served as the title sponsor for Daniel Mac’s iconic 2023 Legends Rally. The “What do you do for a living?” TikTok star led a thrilling 2-day supercar rally held March 3-5.

Taking an audacious ride from Los Angeles, through the iconic Joshua Tree National Park, all the way to the vibrant city of Las Vegas, the rally saw a line-up of hardcore car enthusiasts and their supercars, including Tactical Fleet’s unforgettable white Rolls Royce Dawn with chic pink accents. This stylish Rolls-Royce didn’t just charm spectators with its visually striking appearance, but also shocked them as bright orange paint was suddenly sprayed across the hood.

While the crowd believed the $320,000 luxury car was in ruins just moments before the rally, the Tactical Fleet team watched with ease, covertly aware of a secret protective layer. This bold and somewhat unorthodox demonstration showcased Ceramic Pro’s protective prowess of their superior products in safeguarding high-end vehicles from all kinds of cosmetic damage.

“Supporting the Legends Rally as a Title Sponsor was a perfect opportunity for us to engage with the automotive community in a dynamic and exciting way,” said Chris Barta, Co-Founder of Tactical Fleet. “Driving through the desert in a Rolls-Royce surrounded by other extraordinary exotic cars was a super unique experience and definitely turned some heads.”

The rally ended on an unforgettable note, with a police escort leading the caravan of high-performance supercars up the bustling Las Vegas strip, drawing cheers and applause from spectators. This spectacle demonstrated the shared community passion and camaraderie inherent in the supercar culture.

As the Title Sponsor, Tactical Fleet’s involvement in Daniel Mac’s Legends Rally underscores its dedication to not just the sale of exotic cars, but its commitment to fostering a vibrant automotive community. This engagement marked yet another step in Tactical Fleet’s ongoing efforts to bring exceptional and memorable experiences to supercar enthusiasts.

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