4 Exotic Car Brands and Their Unique Features


A vehicle that has a very high level of engineering and build quality is generally considered to be exotic. Vehicles that produce exceptional power and often have racing pedigrees are especially popular for new and used exotic car sales. According to Consumer Reports, V8 and V6 motors remain the most used in currently produced vehicles, but the variety in exotic cars is practically limitless. Let’s take a closer look at four of the most popular exotic car brands.

1. Ferrari

Italian automaker Ferrari is one of the best-known and most respected exotic brands on the planet. The brand has a storied history of building race cars that win the world’s biggest racing events. Its V12 engines are especially renowned for dominating Le Mans and other popular races, and its most historical models routinely sell for millions of dollars in car auctions.

2. Maserati

Another renowned Italian automaker that builds exotic vehicles is Maserati, which is known for exceptionally well-engineered and often luxurious vehicles and sports cars. Maserati features uniquely styled bodies that are unlike anything other automakers produce. Maserati also uses Ferrari-built motors that are every bit as high in quality as those Ferrari puts in its own exotics. The brand tops it all off with exceptional luxury and build quality.

3. McLaren

McLaren models are among the most prized used exotic cars for sale. Founder Bruce McLaren was a highly successful racer and engineer, so racing is at the heart of the McLaren brand. Today, McLaren is noted for building the world’s fastest and most powerful sports cars. These include the fastest production car and the fastest naturally aspirated car ever built.

4. Porsche

Another racing-inspired exotic brand is Germany-based Porsche, which builds some of the world’s best racing cars. Porsche includes much of the same technology in its sports cars and other models, which enables the automaker to get exceptional power from relatively small engines. Porsche typically uses smaller engines with turbochargers in its production vehicles. A boxer engine that is flat instead of in a V configuration helps to keep the center of gravity low while enhancing performance and handling.

When it comes to new and used exotic cars for sale, there are many amazing options to choose from. If you’re looking to buy a luxury vehicle, check out the extensive selection at Tactical Fleet today!

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