A Guide to Buying Your Dream Ferrari


Do you dream of driving an exotic car like a Ferrari? This beloved brand dates back to the 1950s and truly made its mark during the Formula One racing championships. Read on for some insight about buying this famous car that continues to turn heads.

Choosing a Seller

When buying a Ferrari, you can choose between going to a dealer or a private seller. Going to a private seller may seem like a good way to score a good deal. However, an authorized dealer comes with the protection of a warranty, future trade-in options, and reconditioning, according to Car Gurus. It’s wise to opt for a dealership purchase, especially if this is your first Ferrari.


Do you love the idea of driving up to a date or gathering in a red Ferrari? Well, so do many other fans of this brand. According to Mental Floss, almost half of Ferrari owners overwhelmingly choose to buy red cars. If you’re in love with red like so many others, you should know this color’s name is Rossa Corsa or “racing red”. But don’t worry if you prefer a different color. Other options are available, including rare blues known as Blu Pozzia and Azzuro Dino.


Do you prefer an old or new car? When it comes to the Ferrari, there are new models available, as well as classic cars that date back to the 1950s and ’60s. Bear in mind, if you get this type of exotic car, you should expect to spend more for an older model. When it comes to choices, you have as many as 20 different models available.


Unsurprisingly, a Ferrari isn’t a cheap car. However, you don’t need to pay a million in cash to take one home. You can finance a Ferrari as you can other cars, as long as you make an appropriate down payment. Both authorized dealerships and luxury car loan providers are sources for financing the exotic car of your dreams.

If you want an exotic car that turns heads, why not go for a Ferrari? The brand has a long history dating back to the 1950s, and choosing the Ferrari name will get you a championship car that’s bound to bring you attention anywhere you go. You only live once, so contact Tactical Fleet today for your dream Italian car.

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