Are You Looking to Sell Your Exotic Car? 3 Tips to Follow


If you are searching for advice about how to sell your exotic car, you likely already have an inkling that it’s a little different than selling off a sedan or SUV. Tips for how to sell your exotic car can help to make the process easier. Follow these three tips if you’re wondering, “how do I sell my exotic car?”

1. Find a Dealer

It is far easier to sell your exotic car right to a dealership that specializes in selling exotic cars. There are several benefits you will get from going directly to a dealer. First, you won’t waste time with buyers who want to test your vehicle and enjoy the ride. Second, you won’t have to worry if the buyer can cover the check they write. Third, going directly to a dealership saves time. You will sell your car faster at a dealership. According to IBISWorld, in the United States, as of 2023, there are 143,348 used car dealers. Of course, not all of them specialize in exotics, but some do.

2. Gather Your Records

If you want top dollar for your exotic, ensure you can provide maintenance and repair records and any modification records. It is essential that you can back up what you claim has been done to the car with records. Have your title on hand (if you own the vehicle outright) and any loan information (if you still owe money on the vehicle). Having all the documentation for your car with you when you head to the dealership will ensure that the transaction is not stalled. Bring all the relevant paperwork with you to the sale.

3. Have the Car Detailed

Finally, have the car detailed before you take it to the dealership. Take any personal property out of the car and remove any personalization that can be removed. You want the car to look as stock as possible when you go to sell it. You also want the car to be as clean as possible inside and out.

If you are looking for how to sell my exotic car, the simple answer is to find a dealership that will buy it. It will ensure you can sell your car quickly with the least amount of hassle. Call Tactical Fleet today to learn more about selling your car.

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